Thursday, December 20, 2012

Demimonde I Invoke You

by the virtue inherent in this comment 

really? how about more than that -- how about an offer by means of which you are whgisked away to
 magickal parts half known for the moment of the apocalypse? this is not unreal. it is however time 
sensitive. a call widget below: call me. if yr settings prevent this embed you may view it at the link below.....

by means of this holy name which is also a call

by the ancient power of the googlevox 


by the ineffable 

" much to say......................... "

 and by the  Power of the Moment of The Winter Solstice  
In The 
Two Thousand And Twelfth
Year Of  Time By Vulgar Reckoning 

by hope and by love

i invoke thee to visible and kidnap-able appearance .............................


  1. DAMN I wish to Heaven it could have happened but it was not to be; comp troubles delayed yr message to begin with; also, I have a four footed stripedy dependent needing looking after, plus would have had to make arrangements with my methadone clinic to travel which require 72 hour advance.

    Lovely one, who I know I have Known before, if you do this again anywhere in the Bay Area you will NOT have to twist my (triptrigram-tattoed) arm to whisk me away. Gods willing, may it be. I know this year ahead is auspicious as all get-out for me - Year of the Snake, the digit of 3, all this means Good Things.

    For time tumbles on, past the so-called 'Singularity' into Zillionplexarity! (Take my words in cheektongued way they are intended.)

    All My Love,
    Demimonde Mesila Thraam

  2. Oh, and since my audio mic is fritzing at this time write me please, blabslab(at)gmail(dot)com will let me use my nifty droidslab to get it if Max Invicta (my current computer's name) chokes again on the dust from the renovation of my living quarters...please write ASAP, I look forward to hearing from you and about your adventure with the IAO mothership.