Thursday, December 25, 2014

scrooge must drink on the winter solstice

originally pub. 2011.

amor veritas vincit omnia | (shibboleth, move along...)

amor veritas vincit omnia, or, from Almost Nobody to Just Somebody* 

*um, this is an in joke: a respected peer spoke disparagingly of his published efforts, with respect to the (as he sees it) limited scope of audience with whom he has communicated thereby.

to  which, should any desire, instead of the above anonomotopoesia, a more semiotically familiar response, the best you will get this fine Christmas eve is my willingness to let Mr. J. Milton from Cheapside respond with a snippet of his moft excellently good Paradise Lost -- as retold by one Chris Swann, because I feel like it.  

At a significant moment in Paradise Lost (actually … I struggle to think of any moments in that poem that aren’t significant), John Milton calls upon his ‘Muse’, Urania — code for the Holy Spirit — and expresses his hopes about the hearing his epic poem will receive (Book VII.30-31):

                          Still govern thou my song
Urania! and fit audience find, though few.

Clearly, Milton’s not all that optimistic about the number of people who will qualify as an audience ‘fit’ to hear — and respond rightly to — the story he’s telling.

-- of course i would say as much -- nobody at all reads this blog, and 'nobody at all' is a smaller audience than 'almost nobody.'

be seeing you. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Documenting MSM SOP (Oakland Protest Against Police Brutality)

Note the brevity and vagueness of the article.

Especially note the related stories that pop up.  

Really now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Arachnid Anti-Depressant Hydrotheraputic Graphics For Healing Through Sympathetic Magick

originally titled something like 
'Whenever You Are Sad, Remember, Sometimes Spiders Wear Drops Of Water As Hats'

& my favorite (reminds me of myself actually) seeing you.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Venting (use pastebin link)

or try clicking here.

I made a little something to cheer myself and a friend.

 Perhaps something will get better.
ps if blogger broke the link i have made a paste of it here.