Friday, September 2, 2011

how to make the contacts you have been wearing already way too long fresh like the first time

of course the author is not a certified doctor so this is not advice. entertainment purposes only. do it at your own risk. repeat that last sentence.

  • wash them with the soap --
    • a drop or too
    • (touch clean hands to the container since it isn't a dropper bottle -- the amount that will cover tip of your finger is good --no need to overdo --
    • rub them between your fingers. like you were doing dishes. -- .
  • rinse good
    • can use a jar
        • with eight oz filtered water and 1/8 tsp (recipe for saline)
        • shake it THREE TIMES.
      • or can use running water for a long ass time
        • keeping hold of them well -- do not lose down drain!!
        • if you do important to soak in saline at end
        • then a little tea tree
        • (same amount as soap )
        • this will get off deposits and gunk as well as disinfect)
  • then soap and then water or saline rinse AGAIN.
        • you may omit one go round and start with the tea tree soap
      • but only if it wasn't too bad in the first place.
  • then 'rinse' in the secret rinse that i am patenting.
        • hands very clean ?
        • nails scrubbed?
        • spray off with bottled saline.
  • if you can let them soak then for like 5 min in bottled saline.
          • is the container clean?
          • make sure its disinfected -- alcohol and then a long rinse is good
  • put them in

  • et voilá

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