Saturday, April 17, 2010

Musical Interlude: The Holy Praxis Page

Maybe you'd better sit down?

I know, huh. From grooving along, maybe talking, toking, joking, then bam. Chicken hanging out the corner of the mouth and all. Frozen by the ineffable - like you-know-who in Paradise Lost, when first he saw Eve. Stupidly good. Because existence is that beautiful.

And these cats are freaks.

from the individual who posted this:
praxis is bill laswell, buckethead, bootsy collins, bernie worrell, brain, nextman flipthis video is from the album 'transmutation: mutatis mutandis' circa 92??? its one of the most amazing albums ever, check it
You want some more?

Praxis Guitar Solo Machine
Uploaded by 2gaia.

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