Wednesday, April 24, 2013

all these symptoms may be because of improper calcium reuptake due to vitamin d or magnesium deficiency

which is really a trip -- because one of the symptoms is my supposedly needing hip replacement surgery.

the following is all based on weeks of research.  i hope to come back and hyperlink like i should, but right now am just going to post a comment i left on a health forum a few minutes ago,  where i was researching a new weird belly button pain accompanied by a pinching bruising:

like everyone here, i find myself here, in pain, after a search.  what did we do before the internet?  i actually don't remember...  can't picture it.  for that matter, i could digress on the hell that there was before google, but i will exercise restraint.  

i came to this site really scared, my belly button hurting and my honey asleep. it is accompanied with bruises that look like stretch marks and arose suddenly, while i was in the bath. bathing to get rid of leg cramps.

i want to say, after reading everyone's post i almost feel giddy, because I MAY HAVE THE ANSWER.

it is related to mllk, and gerd, and hernias; can contribute to deppression, gingivitis, cataracts; has been cited as a cause of diverticuliitis, as well as contributing cause of diabetes, psoriasis, severe leg camps, gout,varicose veins, IBS and haemarroids, and frequent urgent need to urinate.  

oh -- and arthritis.  i cannot walk unassisted anymore, haven't been able to for two years, and they say i need a new hip.  i am in my mid forties.

the hip thing is specifically linked to vitamin d deficiency and too much calcium i n the intracellular fluids, as well as in the muscles.

it appears to be an overabundance of calcium, but in actuality is a possibly severe deficiency of vitamin D, and a deficiency of magnesium.  can be a symptom of too much stress, city life, pollution,  nsaids, and many if not all antidepressants. the reuptake of calcium is blocked, and the symptoms all come from the flooding of the cells with calcium ions.

i have been assiduously avoiding sun for twelve years now.  up until i learned this.  i probably will not be the first goth girl to star sun worship in midlife!  i hope i walk again.  and after reading about the diverticulitis, i thought i wouild post my promising little bits of success here.

watch out for internal vitamin D if you are very deficient: it can make you bleed internally, or rather, on the way out, which is,  to say the least, extremely disconcerting.  especially do not take it with c, or on an empty stomach.  i have been breaking open the gelcaps and rubbing it on my skin before getting a little sun; that seems to work best.

also do not ramp up too quickly on either that or magnesium.  the latter has been showing excellent effect: i need to remember to take it -- i will report back.

also very helpful for addressing this issue is taurine: it seems to regulate or help regulate the calcium policies of tissue.   a toothpaste i made for myself with taurine in it got rid of my gingivitis completely.  (no pockets).  *^^it works topically,***  and is excellent at relieving swelling and pain of arthritis, gout, sore belly buttons.

Also topical, replacement for nsaids: tumeric ginger chamomile salve, with a dash of cayenne.  EXCELLENT.  i add balm of gilead (the young budding bits of poplar, they smell wonderful) if its for leg crramps.  

hope this helps everyone.  will check back.  in fact, i think i will post this to my blog...

be seeing you.

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