this was to be a demo of html5 in its ability to stream music from itself, 
a page that would have been itself encoded as a 

data uri

but, because of technical difficulties
(as in, blogger is not having any of this right now)
visit, scroll to the bottom of,
and click through this
which used to be encoded as 
the doubly redirecting http://doiop.com/muse-ic.mp3
(notable for the apparent extension)
until tinyurl, the second in the chain, decided to not play anymore. 
you can see, if you click on the doiop link, one of the
myriad error messages that such unwillingness will generate.

perhaps one day i shall catalog them,
on that day i will obviously have
even greater psychological need for procrastinationthan at present.
(this is, by the may, hard to imagine, but the fact remains that the history of my relationship with tinyurl makes at the very least for an entertaining tale, 
albeit one that may test ordinary abilities to suspend disbelief.)

Tinyurl is not, by the way, offline, when you get this message.  Just avoiding you.

whither the url shortener for thou, O all-too-monstrously-long data uri?

for let the innocent but intrepid reader, be aware, neither bit.ly  nor tiny.cc nor, alas, even the great tinyurl itself (anymore), will willingly exchange their brevity for such length; they appear to associate the mere utilization of a data encoded uri with evidence of some sort of criminal or unethical activity.

perhaps another service can save us in this regard?


i will close with the following, a prayer of sorts that, driven to distraction by the lack of success at the distraction to which i had elsewise been driven,  
i have recently written to the excellently useful web service Textise:

be seeing you.

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