TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD -- data:uri demo -- PLAYS PERFECTLY -- but your browser must support webm, like firefox

base64 and html5 present

hosted by and streaming to you from your own machine:
John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman
animated by StudioJOHO
loaded: up- to YouTube by Raghda Ghonaim; down via Keepvid;
encoded: thanks due to the The data URI Kitchen

and now: an impromptu paean to base64

(otherwise known as the long version of the answer to the question 'why data uri?' for Textise): i would very much like to see the data uri finally get the appreciation and support it deserves, as a valid resource locator. even if this 'seeing' is not in fact real, but virtual -- that is, even if the solidity is the mere illusion one would expect from a resource which, howsoever it may appear to be coming from elsewhere, is, if functional, most likely being served to by and from nowhere farther than one's own machine... looking to the future, it is in on the ground floor of html5, where it enables the enterprising to stream audio and video without an internet connection, hostlessly, and excellently well even on older machines, by means of a url so monstrous one would not want to attempt to use even superefficient scrolling to get to the end....

hello world, and hello Textise! i hope all this is wow enough to explain my interest....and demonstrate its well founded cause......

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