Thursday, January 30, 2014

an old wife tells | to kill a winter illness

if your symptoms are not symmetrical, its probably a bacteria
• colloidal silver never fails: bugs got no immunity to it.  do not drink more than a half bottle a day ( one or two dropperfuls three times a day is a usual dose ).  dosages in the range of one to two bottles make people turn blue.  that's a lot more than a sane person would take, reading the label
• elemcampagne is as good as echinacea in half the amount or less
• if stuffed up, make fresh garlic nose drops.  filter well.  
• if you make them super strong (1/2 oz saline to a clove) it'll burn but NO ONE -- has failed to request seconds in around ten minutes when they are 90% clear.  kills bugs, leaves people standing.  
•  if you are a wimp, do 8 oz saline to a clove.  won't hurt but you'll need more
• saline is 8 oz distilled or filtered water and 1/8 tsp salt, preferably not iodized. 
• make it a little salty 
• a little too salty helps keep your nose clear (osmosis effect)
• not salty enough causes congestion (osmosis effect)
• an assload of turmeric kills most cold bacteria -- have some curry, preferably hot - and add straight turmeric in a two-to-one (or greater) ratio to curry powder.  
• if its a lung thing remember to inhale vapor, better if it has a drop or two of lavender and of tea tree -- either is good, both, better,  much better. boil water, put a drop or two of the essential oil in it, a towel over your head, and start  inhaling.  do this three times a day.
• ONIONS SAVE THROATS AND LUNGS.  ingest them as much as often and as raw as possible.  cut open an onion and pour boiling water over to cleanse the air -- good prophylactic if others are visiting.
• remember to drink water
if your symptoms are symmetrical, its probably a virus
• fuck!
• nothing this faust knows is 100% effective
• (thuja cedar oil, a drop or two, inhaled in water vapor as described above, helps against fungi and viruses)
• good luck

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