Thursday, January 30, 2014

tutorial: sandboxing suspicious emails and how to tell if they are evil part 2

hope i didn't scare you! it was a joke -- that i broke off in mid sentence -- *ahem* --

anyway this is what your evil email looked like --  before using my searchplugin:

pretty suspicious so i pasted the url into the box below it that says "jsunpack' -- 

where it says to paste suspicious urls, and lookee here!  its suspicious!!

jsunpack gives you a permalink to the report on the suisicious urls. i don't always agree with them -- they go by how long it takes something to 
execute -- and there were other parts that i considered pretty fishy  -- fishier even -- so i hope you never clicked on it!

i hope this little tutorial helps someone.  i am sorry to anyone offended by 
lack of initial capitalization.  i also apologize, more sincerely, that i did not at 
this time have the time to revise according to the suggestion a dear friend of 
mine made, to turn the long ass sentences above into bullet points.  maybe less 
sincerely, actually; i take it a priori that my Gentle Readers are both Gentle 
and Can Read, an assumption  to which i am attatched, in which i am 
invested, and of which i am fond....

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